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Fusion Gene Study-NGS Data

Big Data

Illumina Body Map (2010) :

BRCA1-mutated breast cancers (2011):


SRP008746 (SRX099961.../SRR350976...)
Identification of gene fusion transcripts by transcriptome sequencing in BRCA1-mutated breast cancers and cell lines
nine synthetic poly-adenylated RNA transcripts :Submitted by BIOPROJECT on 09-OCT-2014
SRP050223 (SRX767300~312||SRR1661716~2117)
Characterization of a network of tumor suppressor microRNA's in T Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Identification of fusion genes in breast cancer by paired-end RNA-sequencing : Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, Universi: Breast cancer fusion genes


StudyA: SRP008746

• A_1: Breast Cancer (HCC1937), SRX099961, SRR350976

• A_2: Breast Cancer (HCC3153), SRX101334, SRR353604_1

• A_3: Breast Cancer (SUM131502), SRX101335, SRR353948_1

• A_4: Normal (MCF10A), SRX099963, SRR353603_1

• A_5: Normal (HCC2337), SRX101336, SRR353602_1

StudyB: SRP006726

• B_1: Breast Cancer (HCC1954), SRX061997, SRR201983

• B_2: Normal (HMEC), SRX061998, SRR201986

StudyC: SRP005601

• C_1: Breast Cancer (BT20), SRX040501, SRR097786_1

• C_2: Breast Cancer (BT474), SRX040502, SRR097787_1

• C_3: Breast Cancer (MCF7), SRX040504, SRR097789_1

• C_4: Breast Cancer (MDAMB231), SRX040505, SRR097790_1

• C_5: Breast Cancer (MDAMB468), SRX040506, SRR097791_1

• C_6: Breast Cancer (T47D), SRX040507, SRR097792_1

• C_7: Breast Cancer (ZR751), SRX040508, SRR097793_1

• C_8: Normal (MCF10A), SRX040503, SRR097788_1

StudyD: ERP000992

• D_1: Breast Cancer (MCF7), ERX030989, ERR053953

• D_2: Breast Cancer (T47D), ERX031000, ERR053958

• D_3: Normal (Ishikawa), ERX030994, ERR053948


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